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Nearly turnkey office, walk from skytrain, central Bangkok


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Nearly turnkey office for around 14,000 baht, walking distance to skytrain, including fairly new desks, some free amenities, and lots of natural sunlight.  Good for a startup company.  This would be for renting part of the office pictured here.


Located on lower Sukhumvit -- Sukhumvit soi 2 -- within walking distance of the skytrain, and next to the expressway.


Free amenities include a separate free kitchenette, dining table, and 2 bathrooms.


The office has an enclosed conference room at present, but that could be switched to be part of your office.


Lots of natural sunlight and a nice view.


We have been using this office since 2008, but this office has downsized in personnel.  We also work out of a distant outer suburban office, using this city center office for meetings and our city center operations.  We are now using a fraction of the office, and would like to keep a section without paying for the unutilized space.  It's a good office and a very good value for the location, a relatively very low cost per square meter.


We have empty desks (nice and very good condition), some unused desktop computers (would need to change hard disks), and various other things.  I would be willing to let others use some of this at no extra cost (I'd prefer not to haul out our furniture, though this may be negotiable), so you wouldn't need to organize all that for setting up a new office.


Notably, if you would like to set up and register a new company, we have provided this service before -- company registration, setup, visa, work permit -- so this office would be good for a startup.  We've gotten work permits and visa extensions for expats before, in addition to our own, so we are familiar with the rules and implementing the process successfully and promptly to completion.  January is a good startup time.


We are flexible about the particular space to be rented.  The floor originally had 2 offices, but when we expanded years back, we cut out a wall and combined it all into one. We could put the wall back up if required.  The entire righthand side -- desks in front and separate room with door in the back (currently conference room, but could be switched to a private office) -- could be leased for around 14K.  Alternatively, the larger section on the left would cost a bit more.  We are flexible.  We could use either side; I just think a startup would want the smaller space.


It is a deal whereby I don't know anything else close to it in that region which has this nice of an environment for this low of a price.  This is one of the reasons I would like to have a good neighbor.


We maintain a professional work environment.  A few of our longterm professional Thai employees are normally there working, plus a very longtime expat friend who runs his own Thai-English translation business (which sometimes comes in handy), registered separately for his own leased space, but fully cooperative and flexible as part of the "extended family".  These other professionals would help maintain a good working environment for otherwise unsupervised employees of your own.  If you need help with answering your phone or other things for your startup phase, we could discuss this possibility with one of our staff.


If interested, please contact me by SMS first at 081-135-7977.


If you know anybody else who might be interested, please forward this link to them.

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