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Delay debt payment suggested to help flood-stricken clients

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Delay debt payment suggested to help flood-stricken clients

Delay in payment of debts was yesterday suggested to help people who are indebted to banks and non-banks and are heavily affected by the devastating floodings that hit 12 southern provinces currently.


The suggestion came from the National Credit Bureau amid growing concern that many bank and non-bank clients could default payments and could be blacklisted.


In  the move to assist people indebted to these financial institutions, the National Credit Bureau advises debtors to contact banks to apply for debt moratorium to prevent black-listing.


Bureau head Suraphon Opas-Sathien stated that he was concerned for the welfare of southern residents in particular those who are indebted to financial institutions.


The bureau has sent notices to its more than 97 members to exercise care and regard for its southern clients who have been hit by the flood crisis, advising them to allow debt moratorium for flood victims in order to help them rebuild their livelihood.


Full story: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/delay-debt-payment-suggested-help-flood-stricken-clients/



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