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stop whining and enjoy your only paradise

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I have been coming to Thailand since 1990s and since last year I decided to spend the rest of of my life here in the land of smiles LOS.

What made me write this topic because of the miserable out come of many whining white race in this form complaining how uncivilized are their host country.

The country they chose willingly to live in and between its unremarkable people, for me I am newbie and I think I like to be for as long as it takes.  

I'm not interested in learning Thai language because nowadays the more you know unnecessary things the more your life gets miserable!

honestly talking I really think Thais are the only real original human beings living life style as simple and uncomplicated way, where as us the rest of all population of humankind are ridiculously trying to be nice people as we possibly can depending on how we were brought up or how life shaped our attitudes.

Last but not least please get out of your arrogant way of thinking and cherish the lives of these great super human beings.



In love with Thais

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Thai's are not that much different from anyone else ... they want the same material things as their western counterparts. Most of those that live a 'simple and uncomplicated' lifestyle do so through necessity, and many of them would be happy not to be, for example, a struggling rice farmer. If anything, Thai's are more materialistic than we are.


You romanticise the people and the country. I like the place, but it's not paradise. 



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".. Thais are the only real original human beings living life style as simple and uncomplicated way, ":cheesy:

 OMG..... perhaps if you learned that "unnecessary thing" known as Thai language, you might get a more rounded picture of what Thailand is really like. This isn't any "noble savage" Western fantasy place.  Show me a culture that is simple and uncomplicated, and I will say "you evidently haven't studied that culture".

 I have friends of all colors and stripes. It is not a  "whining white race" thing to complain. I'd go so far as to say it is a universal feature of humans (well, maybe N Korea have to do it internally).

 But I guess ignorance is bliss for you. Just don't think it is reality

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51 minutes ago, BuaBS said:

That says it all . When I was a newbe , I thought like you .

Make another post after you lived here for 10 years.

Totally agree, stop being happy and content because in 10 years you wont be, so, get a head start and be miserable like BuaBS from day one.

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Having spent most of my working life moving from country to country with the oil industry, I'd say that expats moaning about and taking the pee out of their host country and its denizens is standard practice, nothing specific to Thailand or the members of this or any other forum.

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One day you will realise that Thai people are no different than others.


The things that make this place a "paradise" is The Weather, The Price Level and The Lively Women.


But good you have a positive attitude. Add a bit of Common Sense and you should be just fine ;-)

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