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stop whining and enjoy your only paradise

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Many of these TV self appointed critics of The

Country, have nothing better to do while they

recuperate from their cheap beers than bad

mouth everything Thai.....It's Thailand, it's

not going to change for any Westerner, so if

you are so unhappy and frustrated...."Don't 

let the door hit you in thee a** as you leave."

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24 minutes ago, louse1953 said:

"in love with Thai's" but too slack to learn the lingo.All take and no give.


Unlike English if a Thai word is not pronounced ( tone) 100% correctly  they will  not understand it.

Anyway the girls speak bamboo Engish. Who else would you want to talk to ???

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32 minutes ago, Gillyflower said:

Well I would say he is European, but not a Brit.  


Definitely not. Our most virulent doomsters are usually Brits. In fact Brit researchers say this:


BRITAIN is a nation of moaners who complain more than 70 times a week each.


Researchers found our love of complaining, like Disney dwarf Grumpy and TV’s Victor Meldrew, means we grumble at least 11 times every weekday and 16 times over the weekend.


It also emerged we will already have had three grumbles before we even leave the house in the morning.

In fact, Brits complain so much that more than three quarters admit to having a moan about other people moaning or complaining.



It's inevitable that some of the 11 daily grumbles and 16 over the weekend will make it into the forum. Many may have a sense of disappointment and bitterness that Thailand just ain't what they'd thought it should be.




Newbies pick up on all this gloom, read Money Number One, and, knowing nothing else, parrot it here and there to gain forum cred.


Though the OP pretty laughable, I say that the keys to long-term happiness in Thailand is to accept it as it is (it ain't gon' change), learn basic Thai, practice good Thai manners when dealing with Thais, and have enough money so that you don't have to sweat the small stuff. Then you're golden.


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Been coming to Los for 11 yrs now only lived here for 8 months, certainly different from a holiday ,a learning curve. Some of the thai culture can seem odd to say the least from my obsevation, but we are here in their country so for me i dont whine (not yet anyway)

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Seriously here, is the OPs topic post a joke?


I love it here, rarely moan about things, but nothing is perfect.  Thai people are human beings like the rest of us, and if the OP took the time to learn the language, talk to and befriend Thai people and their families, read the Thai newspapers and got out of his house and took a look at reality, he would see Thais, same as anyone else, are far from perfect, and have plenty of their own problems and worries.

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7 hours ago, redwinecheese said:

I'm not interested in learning Thai language because nowadays the more you know unnecessary things the more your life gets miserable!

I can only guess that what you mean is. I am avoiding understanding what they are saying because I want my illusions and reality is not what I am interested in here.


honestly talking I really think Thais are the only real original human beings living life style as simple and uncomplicated way, where as us the rest of all population of humankind are ridiculously trying to be nice people as we possibly can depending on how we were brought up or how life shaped our attitudes.


Yes there is a lot of simple and uncomplicated things here. You will find that is necessary. I don't get where you are seeing the originality though. Originality is actually the antithesis of Thainess. It is hammered out of them from early days.  Why do you think the rest of humankind are riduculously trying to be nice? That is a very odd thing to say.



Last but not least please get out of your arrogant way of thinking and cherish the lives of these great super human beings.

Here is where I smell a troll. This sentence alone is bound to generate pages of response.

Please provide some evidence you are not trolling.

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The problem with most on TVF members IMO is that they don't have anything better to do but to whine, bitch, moan and groan (release), this is what happens when you have too much time on your hands, and when you forget what you came here for in the 1st place, and what you wanted to achieve here (the plan), having forgotten what hell you came from, working in the slave trade to make a coin in the old country.


You see when you work like a slave and all hours trying to survive, you just go with the flow, because know no one wants to know about it, but here, well its "let it all hang out", from all the bitter twisted bitches on TVF, not that you ever take it personal, because it makes interesting for a laugh, you see my wife of 10 years NEVER bitches, so I feel right at home now.


Putting all of the above aside, there are some interesting topics, all good in learning other peoples point of views and taking in their advice, particularly all of the drunks 555

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Start small. Some gold. It's cheap. Then a house or two....... Relax at Nana. 

Have some fun up at the Village. 

Get a buddy to bring you some socks,deo. And some Preparation H.

Visit some great temples.

Cap it off at MK Sushi. 

Let immigration handle the rest.

Ohhh...and go for the henna ATM tattoo on your forehead.   

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9 minutes ago, Bangkok Barry said:


I don't think that learning the language would help much. Many things the Thais do are beyond human understanding because they have zero common sense and any inability to see beyond Step 1, whatever they do.


But they are always willing to learn (lose face) as some would say, if your patient enough and humble enough in your approach in showing them your logic, without shaming them, visa-versa, after all, we are all learning and will continue to do so until we die, that is, if we are prepared too. 

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"I'm not interested in learning Thai language because nowadays the more you know unnecessary things the more your life gets miserable!"


You almost had me until you made this comment. And that's where your credibility evaporated...



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There is a very good recent article by Stickman, on his blog, about people who think like you. I respect your views but people who complain are not all 'whining' - just because they live there are saying they are not allowed to voice the issues that confront them and Thailand? Often an outsider can see what a local cant - i could say more, but i dont want to while..... anyway enjoy your time here but please allow others, many who have  many years experience of the real Thailand, a view that they can express - stop being so offended, please.

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