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Homosexuality revealed in Thailand


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God bless Thais

Not going deep talking about how homosexuality came into the lives of human nature but by simply pointing out real facts behind

why would some people do not want to be living normal as it has been historically proven since life was originated as man and woman joint-venture.

Homosexuality is not what it is to be believed else where! but basically Thai homosexuality is professionally approached, it is a choice mostly preferred because 

income! funny and extremely understandable I find it.   Some like to be gays or ladyboys here simply because NOT of genetically issue as developed world countries still disguise

anyone who even try to state different opinion about it? In Thailand it is a way of living for all mighty dollar which every human must have in order to survive.

Oh Thailand I always get in love with you more every time I open my eyes the next day.

It is really LOS so, please smile before you reply


go a head call me a freak but it is up to you

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Well, I hope we don't get into a big discussion about being gay as a choice.  


For the Ladyboys, I think they have a pretty bleak existence on the whole.   Job opportunities are few and far between.   I've worked with a few who were extremely talented, but it was only their exceptional talent that got them a job.   Anytime there has been a close option, the katoey is out of the running.   The same thing is true for gays, but it is less of an issue.  


Thais are fairly tolerant, but much of that is because they don't like confrontation and the best way to avoid that is to be tolerant.  


There are plenty of gay-for-pay people, but the commercial side of things is quite visible, but in the scheme of things, it is not big.   There's as much action in the toilet at the local Big C as some bars and there's no one collecting any money.

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This will run and run, as it has for years. Nature/nurture. Cures don't work. Some people are left-handed. blah blah. Kinsey. Blah blah.


When I lived at Aree, Big C at S. Kwai was heaving all day long. The malls at Rama 9 are also heaving, according to a friend who lives there. Only a small amount of the activity is for filthy lucre. Most of the young men want the same fun as young men have enjoyed for thousands of years. End of.

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