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"ASEAN's most wanted drug lord" taken down at Bangkok airport


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"ASEAN's most wanted drug lord" taken down at Bangkok airport



Picture: Daily News


BANGKOK: -- A Laotian man that Thai police say is the region's most wanted drug lord was arrested at Suvarabhumi airport yesterday.


Chaichana Kaewphimpha, 41, was apprehended by a force of 100 drugs suppression officers and police as he attempted to leave the departure lounge after returning from a trip to Phuket.


Also arrested were a male friend and two females in his party.


Sommai Kongwisaisuk of the drugs suppression division said it had taken five years for the cops to get their hands on the kingpin who is the most wanted drugs dealer in ASEAN, reports Daily News.


Sommai said that he is the figure behind 50 other arrests of drug mules in cases totally the importation into Thailand of 5 million Ya Ba tablets.


He is in the same league as Thai muslim drug lord Usaman operating in the southern border provinces and Laotam Saenlee who was arrested in the far north along with many family members last year.


Sommai said that no one had managed to get near the suspect before and that he was a master at avoiding detection and capture.


The suspect has no known convictions for drugs.


He is believed to have entered Thailand in a border crossing in the north east before taking a holiday in Phuket.


There is expected to be a press conference about the capture in which more details will be given.


Source: Daily News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-01-20
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7 minutes ago, trogers said:

No known conviction...


A fine and suspended sentence is the common for Thailand.

A non-suspended sentence, huge fine and asset seizure is more common for serious drug offences of this magnitude.

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Only making room for another to fill his shoes. The world has had "drugs" for millennia, and outlawing them has NEVER worked. Think prohibition. And yes alchohol kills hundreds of thousands ever year all over the world and is legal almost everywhere.

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"was apprehended by a force of 100 drugs suppression officers"
Over the top or shooting fish in barrel?
Not at all, it's a deterrent. you must remember he is in a public area and could easily have several body guards stationed stratically armed to the teeth, a bloody gun fight is preferable to life in the Hilton . USA uses 20 swat team members for similar arrests, less but better trained
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Too many vuittons. Not a good idea. I can see them getting replaced by fake ones at the police station soon. The mia noi of commander somchai has been breaking his [email protected] for years now. Finally she will get what she's been doing it for all the time!!! ?????

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