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"ASEAN's most wanted drug lord" taken down at Bangkok airport


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Judge Roy Bean, Law West of the Pecos says:

"Give the man a taste of his own medicine, so to speak"

"Get him hooked on Ya Ba and or Heroin and then put him in prison for life and forget about him"

"Where is the next drug dealer, quick now, step up and be sentenced....I haven't got all day"




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That's a good looking drug lord. He is Lao so I guess he could negotiate his way out, how much did you say? He called Vientaine and then say to the BIB, "ok done, bank into the account". Day to day business as usual.

Next day news, wanted drug lord escaped, police wounded in shooting.

And life goes on ................

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15 hours ago, zorro1 said:

Not at all, it's a deterrent. you must remember he is in a public area and could easily have several body guards stationed stratically armed to the teeth, a bloody gun fight is preferable to life in the Hilton . USA uses 20 swat team members for similar arrests, less but better trained

In the "air-side" of an airport? This is a restricted area and for someone to just wander in with any gun is laughable.

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What, if any, laws apply in Thailand relating to sub judice statements - these are laws that prohibit anyone providing information about alleged criminal activities by a person before they've been before a court where any so-called "evidence" can be tested for veracity or proven to be false? After all the grandiose claims of a member of the highly-esteemed Thai Police Force  are highlighted as the gospel truth (we know police never tell lies, especially in Thailand), the news report concedes that this alleged Kingpin of Drug Crimes has not been convicted once of any charge. 
How should the news media handle responsible coverage of criminal activity, and do it with integrity, in what appears to be a police state?  Why should any news media believe anything a police spokesman says when it's obvious that in so many instances in the past the authorities have had little regard for the truth?
I don't know the person arrested, nor do have any particular bias about drug offences. I just object to being fed BS by any news media that seems prepared to swallow crap fed to it and repeat it as endorsed "truth" without any apparent checking or taking responsibility for the true value of the information apart from its potential to "thrill" a jaded target audience.

Jaded I am....so why preach to this jaded audience?

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23 hours ago, Sooo Upto Me said:


Well done Sherlock Holmes.

A pat on the back for u.

Thanks, appreciate it but why the Sherlock Holmes reference?  No detective work is involved in keeping up to date with news as opposed to just making up nonsense.

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