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Welcome to Thailand - Here's some soap for you!


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Welcome to Thailand - Here's some soap for you!



Picture: Thai News Agency


BANGKOK: -- Tourists visiting Thailand on Thursday were greeted at the airport and given sweet smelling orange soap.


The gesture was part of celebrations for the Chinese New Year.


Passengers on TG flight 663 from Shanghai were given the soap and treated to a performance of Chinese dance.


The welcome was organized by the airport authority in conjunction with police and Samut Prakarn municipal staff including the governor of the province.


Deputy head of Suvarnabhumi airport operations Chadanisa Chamnanwet said they wanted to create a good atmosphere for tourists visiting during Chinese New Year and that the soap was very auspicious as oranges are often given at this time of year.


Source: Thai News Agency

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-01-27
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3 hours ago, JoePai said:

It's usually the Indians that need the soap    :thumbsup:

I once set next to an extremely obese Egyptian on a long flight that got longer and longer as my nostrils numbed....

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There are people from some foreign countries that should  be required to have daily "odor" checks as part of their entry requirements not just hand them a bar of soap!  There's and old saying, "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink".  Baths every Saturday here just doesn't hack it!  And not just those from the Africa and India!

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9 hours ago, worgeordie said:

Lord Haw Haw,said we are going to drop bombs on London,

and soap on Jarrow. there you learn something everyday on TV.

regards worgeordie

Man what the hell is this

Glad i am safe back in the UK away from this bull


Thailand loves the Chinese so it appears, now they are not stupid people so where do tourists come from after this ?


Glad to be home and I can say what I want without BIB coming to my door


A bit cold but free

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