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McDonald's are charging non Thai speakers more??


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About once a week or so I have McDonald's delivery. I usually call and press 9 give my order then hand the phone to my daughter who placed her order either in Thai or English. A while back th machine didn't catch the 9 so we went straight through to the Thai speaking agent. As we order the same thing each time I thought the price was a bit low?

So to check I opened a second phone number on my daughter's phone all in Thai and started calling in from that number and everything was placed in Thai.

This morning called back on the original English speaking line and placed the order in English. Sure enough a higher price on one item. Egg McMuffin with sausage was a higher price. On the Thai line it was 2 for 118 Baht. On the English line it was 2 for 198 Baht.

Amazing an American company of that size participating in dual pricing. Please try it and see what your results are. Photo attached of three receipts, two on the Thai line one on the English line.



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I think it's more likely they were picking on Chinese people.  The orders on Jan 7 and Jan 14 were cheaper than the order today during the Chinese New Year holiday.


I can think of several reasons the price may have been different- but the most likely one is they were running a special 3 weeks ago that expired around the last day of the Chinese Calendar.


Happy New Year.


Edit:  BTW, when I first read the headline, I figured it had something to do with coupons printed in Thai, so anyone who can't read Thai doesn't have a clue what the coupon is about.  Crafty bastards, those multi-nationals. 

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it could well be down to the programming of the tills. it's either incompetent management and/or staff or a deliberate mislead, who knows?


i've had problems in top end department stores, tops supermarket, tesco lotus and often in 7/11s where discounts are advertised but when the product goes through the till the discount is not applied. i always check now and recommend other do the same.

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Franchises are owned privately aren't they? It looks to me like one difference is that the cheaper price was actually from a different store. "Thonglor" for that one and "Sukhumvit" for the higher priced. Right? Or I'm seeing this wrong? I'm only drinking coffee at the moment.

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