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Trang to organize Underwater Wedding Ceremony 2017


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Trang to organize Underwater Wedding Ceremony 2017




TRANG, 3 February 2017 (NNT) – Trang province plans to organize more underwater wedding ceremonies in 2017. Twenty couples have already booked their weddings beneath the sea at Kadan Island. 

President of the Trang Chamber of Commerce Phichai Manasut said that Trang province will cooperate with the provincial Chamber of Commerce, the Trang Provincial Administrative Organization and the Tourism Authority of Thailand in Trang, to organize the 21st Underwater Wedding Ceremony from 13-15 February 2017. 20 couples had already booked their underwater weddings, half of them are from abroad. 

Prior to the wedding, the couples will engage in ceremonial activities including planting the Mahesak and Saksayamin royal trees, baking Trang cakes, making Chinese steamed dumplings, weaving, harvesting rice and even taking part in a folk play. 

The will then attend the wedding parade around Trang City, along with a candle lighting ceremony to mourn the late King Bhumibol Rama IX's passing. 

Couples will be treated with delicacies including the sticky rice, which are traditional rites in Trang province on the night before the wedding. 

The underwater wedding registration and sand pouring ceremony will be organized beneath the sea at a depth of about 10 meters at Kradan Island, Kantang district. There will be a celebratory dinner with a romantic setting that is embraced by nature. 

On February 15, the couples will participate in planting sea grass and a trip to a mangrove forest before returning back home.

-- nnt 2017-02-03
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