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Award winning cop in Nakon Si Thammarat doesn't let serious handicap stand in his way


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Award winning cop doesn't let serious handicap stand in his way



Picture: Sanook


NAKHON SI THAMMARAT: -- A policeman who lost both forearms and part of a leg after being electrocuted in a storm has won awards for his work.


Despite having no hands and a false leg, Suree Hameedee 50, has retrained as a computer technician in the investigation department of the Nakorn Sri Thammarat station in the south of Thailand, reports Sanook.


He handles all sorts of investigative work expertly and is in charge of creating photo-fit images of suspects using computer software.


The cop has won awards at both a local and provincial level, said sanook.com who interviewed him on Tuesday.


Suree was on duty at a guard post outside a ceramics factory in Patani in 1994. Due to a storm he was unable to be in contact with his

headquarters and he decided to go up an aerial to fix the problem.


But the aerial collapsed onto high voltage cables and he was electrocuted. Surgeons at Patani Hospital had to amputate both forearms from the elbow and the right leg at the knee.


Suree received help from various police organizations and retrained in computers and later moved to Nakorn Sri Thammarat.


He now lives near the police station with his 80 year old father and 75 year old mother.


"I don't need much help," said Suree, "but my mum helps me with dressing and putting on my shoes".


Suree also has a wife and a six year old son who live nearby because the police flat is too small to accommodate everyone.


Source: Sanook

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-02-08
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4 hours ago, elgordo38 said:

Amazed no reply. This guy has turned his life around. He deserves some praise. Are we all negative posters. Yes there is a story here come on. 

The negative posters are probably stumped. 

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39 minutes ago, Jane Dough said:

The negative posters are probably stumped. 

You could be right. Sometimes like a Pac Man game the negatives in a persons brain can run around and chomp up the positives. I find when your posting some days your shear brilliance and the next day you can fall on your face more times than you care to remember. 

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