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Rapist and drug addict taxi driver now turns to theft of a tourist's phone


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Rapist and drug addict taxi driver now turns to theft of a tourist's phone



Picture: Thairath


BANGKOK: -- Police in Bangkok have arrested a taxi driver for the theft of a Chinese tourist's phone.


They found out that the driver had a conviction for rape and drug offences in the past. He used to be a taxi garage owner with 50 cars but drugs and gambling had caused him to lose it all.


Jow Jing, 33, and Wang Ying, 31, both Chinese tourists went to Pla Plai Chai police on Tuesday after a ride in the cab of 45 year old

Niwat Kantha turned sour, reports Thairath.


They wanted to go from the suburbs to Big C Ratdamri but there was a lack of understanding between themselves and the driver. Jow handed over her phone so that the driver could look at a map of the route and he put the phone on the dashboard.


But mid journey he chased the tourists out of the cab and refused to give back the phone and drove off.


Police soon located the rented cab and nearby found Niwat asleep in his rented room with the phone in the bedroom.


He claimed to police that he was "just looking after the phone" but the tourists said he had driven off with it.


The Chinese ladies thanked the police for their quick action in resolving the case - it only happened on Tuesday and was done and

dusted by Wednesday.


Police found that Niwat had a rape conviction in Roi-Et in 1994 and a drugs conviction in Bangkok from last year.


They said that at one point he had been the owner of a taxi garage that had 50 cars but gambling and drug addiction had caused his downfall. He was then obliged to go back to simply driving a cab for a living.


He was charged with theft.


Source: Thairath

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-02-09
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18 hours ago, saminoz said:

How can they give a convicted rapist a taxi license?  INcredible Thailand.

Perhaps as compensation for not getting the school bus driver's job!

But really, taxi drivers being excluded for past convictions here is a high hope...considering behaviour reported, such convictions seem to be a requirement!

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Conviction for drugs and rape, losing a garage with 50 cars for gambling to much, loosing money to drugs and now starting to steal mobile phones. I just can´t se any bright future ahead for this man.

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