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Question to Admin: When a thread is closed for whatever reason Admin sees fit to close them and I have no problem at all with the decisions Admin makes in here but why are these undesireable and unrelated threads not completely deleted so that they can't be seen again?

I think the position of Admin is a tough job, one that I for sure could not do. Thanks guys.

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As long as we are ridding the place of junk unrelated to Thailand, maybe the gent and weenie basher could save the boring old soldier's stories and butt slapping for when they see each other in person; They do both live in Phuket. :o

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As a matter of fact we are reading this together, I am just back on leave so we are off for a pint and to go Jock bashing...


If we are ridding the place of Junk unrelated to Thailand, why are you still here Georgie?? :D ,my nemesis!

the gentleman

p.s. fatty! :o

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I think the gent forgot where he was for a few minutes.

hopefully that means we won't have to read it in the The Bear Pit.

Same ol' same ol' from our mate the gent.

Like your uniform Leith, just watch the power trip :o

I told you I am not gay, so stop following me around the forums :D

:D but gent I like reading what you write :D

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Well it's about time George you got off yer arse and shut this crap down. Hurrah!

another drinker has been identified. :o

nice isn't it Doc?

it was an honest mistake from the gent, he actually thought he was flooding the bear pit again but opened thiavisa instead. :D

the gent loves me :D

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