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Old lady pays with her life for ignoring barrier at level crossing in Hat Yai


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Old lady pays with her life for ignoring barrier at level crossing



Picture: Manager Online


HAT YAI: -- Our picture this morning shows why it is a good idea to obey the flashing lights and barriers at level crossings.


A 70 year old woman decided ignore the warnings and traverse the crossing on her motorcycle in Hat Yai yesterday. Horrified bikers waiting patiently at the barrier yelled at her to say the train was coming. But she did not heed their urgent shouts.


The Padang Besar to Hat Yai train hit Wanna Saopetch killing her instantly. Her body was thrown just a few meters but her Honda Wave was dragged 300 meters down the track before the train was able to stop, reported Manager Online.


Wanna was a local in the Ban Pru area and sold vegetables at the market in the town in Songkhla province.


Eyewitnesses told police that there were five motorcycles waiting at the barrier. The lady arrived and zig-zagged her way past the barrier

and onto the track. People called out that the train was coming but she carried on regardless and was killed in front of their eyes.


The train was undamaged and later continued on its way to Hat Yai city.


Source: Manager Online

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-02-10
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just so stupid...i know people are supposed to be compassionate when someone dies...but can you imagine who much chaos this woman must have created throughout her life if she behaves in such a stupid and irresponsible manner?  i'm sure there are lots and lots of people thinking, "i'm not surprised..."

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1 hour ago, DekDaeng said:

And on Darwin Day

No doubt too old to contribute to the gene pool.  So not a Darwin Award candidate. 
I find it hard to fathom, but see the same stupidity all the time, be it crossing a rail line when the lights on flashing or pulling out onto the main road from a soi without looking for oncoming traffic.  Some people just don't bother to look.  Keep engaging in that type of suicidal behavior and eventually the odds in your favor run out.

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