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Samui residents: Bangkok airways are a rip off!


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On 2/12/2017 at 10:17 AM, sungod said:

I use Bangkok airways all over the region where I can by choice.  They are generally cheaper than Thai (I never go to Samui) and the food and service is far superior on these short hop flights. Because my travel is local I would never qualify for the Thai gold card, but do for Bangkok airways premier card. Besides Bangkok airways supply lounges in some airports for all its customers.


I don't believe they deserve a blanket bashing......

I agree. I find Bangkok Airways efficient, comfortable, and being able to spend time before flights in their lounges is a big plus. I use them for flights to DaNang out of BKK. Yes, it is more expensive than taking two flights with Air Asia, but the seats are wider and the convenience is worth the extra money. 


As for Samui and other domestic routes. The prices are based on supply and demand. Obviously there are enough customers willing to pay the increased fair. If there was a drop in the demand, I am sure Bangkok Airways would drop their prices. 


As for the complaints about noise. I am sure if the prices were lowered and more people came to Samui to spend their money to support the local economy, those complaints would disappear overnight.

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