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8 Die in Chiang Rai City crash


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25 minutes ago, georgemandm said:

What a stupid statement , if you have no idea about that  accident .

Most drivers in thailand have no idea and that includes  foreigners .


An wot a stupid reply, read the article Slowly then u might understand. Obviously u havnt lived here long enough to realise the standard of thai driving. Especially with Trucks & Minibuses.

Check the world statistics on accidents in Thailand it might give u a clue.

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1 hour ago, simonuk said:

Pathetic road laws barely enforced by a pathetic police force combined with the little prince complex that so many thai men have making it impossible for them to see their limitations when driving. Oh and disregard for the safety of others and ignorance when it comes to risk.   Hardly a day goes by when im driving in Thailand that i dont feel like smashing someone in the face  because they've come close orphaning my son through bad driving.  

Agreed, it's really frustrating, they should fire the entire traffic police and charge the chief of traffic police with incompetence leading to loss of life and give him the death penalty.

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