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Ubon ratchathani need new suit made by Tailor

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Thanks for the update. Let us know how it turns out :)

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I recommend Crystal on Chaiyangkul Road near Kilo Soon, just down from the Esso service station and next to the new Honda motorbike shop. Also it is directly across the street from the parent shop of Home Hub. I have been going there since 1979 and in recent years have had two suits cut there. They also make all my trousers. A new suit will set one back about 7,000-10,000 baht depending on the cloth one chooses. Takes about three weeks to get a suit measured, cut and fitted. 



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Thanks very much for your info there, Michael. Went to Crystal last month, based on your post. Had a long sleeved shirt made, to wear at my wedding.


Just a basic cotton material, I reckon looks the same as what the kids school uniform shirts are made out of.


Got measured up one afternoon, it was ready by the next evening - 1500 baht.


Sent my best man to get measured up too - no worries, very professional.


Looks great!



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