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Kindergarten canteen is cooking the books, says school teacher in Nakhon Si Thammarat


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Kindergarten canteen is cooking the books, says school teacher



Picture: Thairath


NAKHON SI THAMMARAT: -- A teacher in Nakhon Si Thammarat has reported her own school to the authorities over what she says is illegal and unhygienic activity in the kitchen.


And she claimed that it was unlikely to just be her school - she reckons such practices were going on at schools throughout Thailand, reported Thairath.


Career teacher Nuchnart Ratphuchong went to city revenue officials to lodge a formal complaint yesterday. She said that the kindergarten had tasked her with looking into the affairs of the kitchen and what she found shocked her.


She said that scales used to weigh meat and other produce were broken and giving incorrect readings. This enabled staff in the kitchen to skim off profits for themselves.


When they were confronted with this Nuchnart said that she was threatened and told that she would be sued for defamation if she said anything.


She said she saw kitchen staff taking food such as chicken and pork intended for students home with them instead.


And hygiene in the kitchen was terrible, she said. Items such as vegetables were being cut up on some old planks.


Nuchnart told Thairath that she doubted her school kitchen was the only one in the country guilty of such practices and thought it was probably widespread.


Thai Rath said they tried to contact the director of the school but he was in a meeting and unable to comment.


As is usual in such cases in Thailand the school was not named.


The story was widely shared on Thai social media.


Source: Thairath

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-02-22
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After seeing that photo of chopping veges on an old board......YUK....:post-4641-1156693976: What crawls on the board at night...:shock1:....Good Lord!


One can imagine how absolutely filthy these so-called cooks are in their own homes.....:shock1:

Sack the kitchen staff.....They do not care what so ever about hygiene and cleanliness for the students............:post-4641-1156693976:

While  you are at it, the director also for letting it happen..:post-4641-1156693976:


I applaud the this brave teacher Khun Nuchart for trying to clean it up. I wish her well...

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Looks like they took a dark wooden plank to cut the veggies instead of a lighter colored cutting boards. How much can you skim from the school cafeteria budget?


It took a lot of courage for the teacher to do this, even after specifically being threatened.

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12 minutes ago, maximillian said:

"...is cooking the books"


Can anyone kindly explain this expression to a non-native English speaker, please ?

It is a phrase normally used to describe making one's financial statements look more legitimate than they actually are, usually through falsifying some of the information to make it appear legitimate.  See investopedia's explanation of this.   But normally 'cook' refers to preparing food in a kitchen.


So perhaps they were referring to the school admin reporting money was being used for the student lunch program, but in fact some of the kitchen staff was pocketing the money directly or taking home food.    So they 'cooked the books' to make it appear that the cafeteria money was being used legitimately.   NOT literally boiling textbooks :cheesy:


Add:  in schools near where I live, they normally can't wait to give away at least 1 box of bulk carton UHT milk at the end of each term.  During the term, sometimes they give away packets of milk also. 

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