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Will the price of beer, wine and spirits go up?


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On 2/28/2017 at 4:36 PM, Brer Fox said:

Yes is the short answer. I have lived in both countries for the past ten or so years but mostly nowadays in Vietnam for personal preferences, (modest older style condo in Bang Kapi, BKK 6,000 THB/mth and a large villa house 4 beds, 3 bath, not far from Hanoi 15,000 THB/mth) I would say overall the cost of living in Vietnam is at least 50% cheaper than Thailand. Good hotel in Hanoi for 800 THB/night. The only thing that might be more expensive than Thailand would be home leasing and even then it would not seriously more.

Food at the local markets is next to nothing. e.g. tomatoes 30 THB/kg, large cauliflower 45 THB, apples 100 THB/kg, pork and chicken is dirt cheap, lean beef mince at BigC 200 THB/kg. 

As for visas; Thailand is a nightmare while Vietnam is dream. Just got my marriage exemption visa for five years - US$10. First renewal due at the local office after 6 months and thereafter every 12 months. Very little paperwork to get the visa and no going in and out for extensions/annual renewals and no providing of evidence of money in the bank or income. Twelve month, no strings multiple entry visas can be had through an agent for about US200-250. Employment visas easy.

Entertainment is an personal thing. There are no Pattayas or Nanas or Walking Streets (that I know of anyway) but plenty of excellent restaurants and bars. In my opinion Vietnam is basically violence free and a much safer country to live in (no face loss problems like Thailand) and certainly no guns or knives. Any local causing trouble/assault on foreigners is in deep, deep trouble. Never any hassles from the police or authorities who are always very respectful. A very friendly people. 


Well said and detailed. I would only slightly dispute the 12-month visa cost by saying your prices are a little bit low. Depending on one's contacts, of course, but mine say I should be able to get a 12-month visa for about $300-$400US. I shall be trying to prove that this spring when I move from Bangkok to the southeastern coast of Vietnam. 


I love being there and in fact, just got back today from a very relaxing research trip. Have been there many times (lived in the Delta for 6 months once) and agree with all your observations. An example of how things should work, three new brew pubs have opened up in Saigon the last 18 months or so. Was in East-West Brewery the other night. Most of its craft beers were 150 baht a pint. The most expensive, 220 baht. Need I say they were superb? Some of the Saigon craft beers can now be found in southern cities. This is how business should be done.


To the main point: Even if the Thai junta government hides some of the alcohol price increases, there will be some -- yet again -- at the retail level. And there will be more in the future.  For me it will be goodbye Thailand, for many financial and cultural reasons. I'm not alone. Another Bangkok friend will be moving to the same small coastal city as we follow another one who left last year for the same spot. In fact, my circle of long-time BKK friends keeps shrinking slowly but surely as they go back home (where it's cheaper!) or move to neighbouring countries.





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12 hours ago, maoro2013 said:

I didn't miss the point at all. I was actually saying that the articles are so vague that they are so far meaningless.


Yes if there is an increase, in one post mentioned a tax on the retail price, well this means a tax on a tax on a tax, as there is already excise and VAT.


Furthermore retailers will maintain their margin, so sure prices will go up more than the base tax increase.

I said in an earlier post that it is the usual hot air, as you say "meaningless". Nothing is ever thought through before these things are announced.

We will have to wait and see what happens.

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