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Will the price of beer, wine and spirits go up?


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7 hours ago, Spellforce said:

That news in thai:



I understand that this new tax will be applied only to the wholesalers (maybe for 1000 bottles or liters?),

and there wont be any change on the retail price.

So your belief is that the wholesalers are just going to absorb these massive increases and cuts to their profit margin and not pass on the costs? How magnanimous of them must be that Thainess I keep hearing about as no other business in the world would do it. Finding that very hard to believe I'm afraid.

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7 hours ago, Pattaya46 said:

I like how - according to TV members - every proposition of the Thai government always is a risk for the tourism... :cool::biggrin:


Seriously, ithis could have an impact mainly on the sex-tourists that frequent the beer bars in the red-zones, and so it could be a good thing (IMHO) but even if Thailand would decide to globally forbid beer, there would be still millions of real-tourists willing to visit the country. :welcomeani:

Your dreaming if you think tourists would come to a dry country in big numbers. What is a real tourist anyway.

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9 minutes ago, Shawn0000 said:

Me too, never seen that though, quite a serious crime from what I hear.  Is it much cheaper?  Its cheap enough!

I don't know about the price of it .i only see some locals buying it.and I've seen what it does to them.it's not good for you that's for sure

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11 hours ago, daveAustin said:

Severely overpriced, esp when wages are taken into consideration. The disparity between quality and value for money has to be one of the biggest in the world. Let's face it, the 'beer' here is now worse than ever since the doctoring of recipes over the last few years. Vast, eye-popping choice aside, I am consistently flummoxed when I return home and compare the price of supermarket beer with here. Just mind-boggling.

"overpriced", "disparity between quality and value"


Compared to where????????

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2 minutes ago, George FmplesdaCosteedback said:

Beer is not cheap here. It is much the same as UK prices and in comparison to the average income it is very expensive.

Kii is cheap everywhere.

oh, I didn't know that, well <deleted> over? learn something useless every day it seems.

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I've cut back on my alcohol consumption recently (for waistline reasons, not financial) but if this goes through I'm pretty sure I'll just be drinking water from here on in. 

This could end up in many bars and restaurants closing down. 



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Expect the beer shelves to be empty in all the supermarkets and 7/11's soon, as panic buying sets in.


That's if people really believe that a bottle of Chang will soon cost only slightly less than the equivalent amount of local wine.


I think someone is setting us up for an April Fool's joke.

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