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Thai psychologist talks frankly about bestiality after Lampang man has his way with a cow


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56 minutes ago, Somtamnication said:

They sometimes kick.:smile:

That's why you always wear wellington boots......to put the back legs in...........oh, and a rope as a lead so can pull it to give a kiss..................................or so I hear from other people................:whistling:

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5 hours ago, rooster59 said:

He said that an increasing number of people in Thailand were having sex with goats, sheep and even chickens.

Baaaa, cluck cluck and well I will be rammed goats no less. Has anything ever come of these unions?. I think I saw a unicorn the other day. I have heard of Ligers and such. I guess crossed with a goat a issuance if there was one would be called a Mango?? With a chicken I doubt there would be issuance but a sheep hmm that one leaves me sheepish. 

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49 minutes ago, williamgeorgeallen said:

us kiwis have been tenderizing our export lamb for decades and it is now world class. aussies especially love it and australia is the number one export market.

Looking at the topic is it having sex with lambs that makes them tender? I seem to be missing something here that only a Kiwi could understand. Sorry to express my ignorance but am curious none the less. 

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2 minutes ago, cms22 said:

Indeed, I witnessed a few strange creatures down Soi 6 last night....

If it walked like a duck quacked like a duck it was possibly only a drunk on his way home or reaching for his fly.

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Dear Thai psychologist I am into Bestiality--Sadism & necrophilia 


Is there any hope for me....or am I just flogging a dead horse.......:coffee1:

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2 hours ago, AhFarangJa said:

Funny, I thought these were illegal in Thailand.........:whistling:

Sexual abuse of unreal plastic people is not tolerated here. Murder, road carnage, crooked cops is all OK. Old Arab saying, aren't they always?

For children we have women, for love we have boys and for pleasure we have sheep. 

Awareness is growing fast.

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