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Thai psychologist talks frankly about bestiality after Lampang man has his way with a cow


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1 hour ago, yooyoo said:

"Such people are very excited by sex with animals," Dr Wallop continued "and this kind of behavior is becoming more and more prevalent in society".

Hmm... Aussies should read this ...


Wasn't there something posted in the world section here not long back about some UK guy going after a street drain, or something like that???


What a weird world in which we live. :ph34r:

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Beast Mode: Thai man arrested for having sex with cow

By Coconuts Bangkok



Nothing but smiles after the arrest.


A 40-year-old man was arrested and paraded naked into a police truck after being caught making love to a cow in the middle of the day. He had a massive grin on his face.


The man said that he could not help but feel attracted to the cow after watching it graze for a while.


Appalled villagers said they had noticed the man acting strangely and possibly drunk. When he began kissing and mounting the cow at 9:30am, they called the police.


Full story: https://coconuts.co/bangkok/news/beast-mode-thai-man-arrested-sex-cow/


-- © Copyright Coconuts Bangkok 2017-03-04
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8 hours ago, ezzra said:


Bestiality is as old as time it self, and there's nothing new here, people in remote

area have often resorted to such activities with all kind of live stock,

( not withstanding doing it with people who resembles animals )...... 

Good observation.....I was once assigned to a team to assist with moving drilling rigs in the Middle East.  Moving drilling rigs to a new location required large tractor/trailer vehicles to move the rig components over hundreds of kilometers.  During these rig moves the drivers would stop for R&R at village tea houses along the route. Some of the tea houses offered the drivers an optional service to have sex with their donkeys.  This was not considered a serious social taboo, but it caused costly delays to the rig move, so we eventually had to threaten the drivers will dismissal if they did this while on the clock.     

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