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Transferring car owner name under finance


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Hi all,

I have been paying a toyota hilux bougth from a thai owner for the passed year with an agreement that i should find a guarantor for the finance by January (6 months after). Unfortunately i have found out now how hard it is to find such person.

The thai owner is now threatening me that he will take the car back and im not going to get any money back for my payments for one year.

What are my rights regarding this matter should that threat actually occur?

Thanks for all the help.


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What's the Thai owners problem? If you have always paid on time there shouldn't be any, unless he tries to scam you of course, and all this was set up.


To find a guarantor for a finance with an official finance company is easy peasy, in the past when I bought new cars on finance I always used one or another bar girl as guarantor and never had an issue.


Take note I don't have  a work permit or any official income in Thailand.

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Go to the Finance Company and pay the car off in full. make sure they will give you the title along with a paid in full document. You should never have done this agreement since your not Thai. If you cannot payoff give the keys back to the Thai Guy. You learned a good lesson living in Thailand.

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