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Finding a nice place for under $500

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Hello community!

I'm a freelancer and I'd like to work from Bangkok for the next 3 months. I'm gonna need to rent a condo/studio and since I'm not a fan of living in the suburbs I asked for advice and someone recommended me Lumpini and Phaya Thai as the best neighborhoods in the city. The thing is that I can only afford to pay 500 usd per mont and I'm not sure if for that amount I can get a good deal. Some people say that most of the places don't really look as they do in pictures and often times the map is also not accurate. My questions would be: Are there any chances for me to find a nice and modern place (gym included) in a good neighborhood for under 500 usd? Should I look for other neghborhoods also? Which is the best site to find the best deals? Any advices before starting to look for a place? Thank you guys!

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