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Chiang Mai man takes spade to his own car in Ford protest


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Chiang Mai man takes spade to his own car in Ford protest



Picture: Thairath


BANGKOK: -- A Chiang Mai man furious with motor car maker Ford took a spade to his own car in a protest in Bangkok yesterday.


Attaphon Piawacha, 27, was at the end of his tether after his Ford Fiesta had caused him nothing but trouble since he bought it Thai Rath teproted.


The gears don't function properly, the whole car vibrates and worst of all, the brakes don't work. He has been to Ford many times, and his trips to consumer organizations and government offices seeking recompense have all come to nothing. He has had to fly to Bangkok from Chiang Mai eight times.


So yesterday he got a spade and started hitting the bonnet of his own car in front of the Ford Sales and Service office in Sathorn Square, Sathorn, Bangkok.


And he was not alone in his anger. He was joined by 60 other Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus owners who are not happy with the company or their cars. They read out their grievances and toted placards in Thai and English outlining their woes.


One in Thai read: "I bought my car to drive, not to repair it".


Another in English said: "You sure you wanna buy one?"


Thai Rath said that Ford were not available for comment but they would follow the story.


Source: Thai Rath

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-03-15
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36 minutes ago, Reigntax said:

"The brakes dont work". Who would have thought they would hear that one.

This is not a fault. It's a feature in all Thai cars.

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What was the point, hitting his own car with a spade?

Better drive at Ford offices crash, then say sorry brakes not work.

After all that is the usual thing here, brakes failed.

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No. That article claims the focus was the best selling car worldwide, a disputed claim.

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