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6 month multi social visa


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Hi there, I have six month multi-entry social visa which I  got at the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok  on 9th Jan 2017 but the immigration guy at Mandalay still only gave me 70 days, which I questioned as the lady at the Embassy said I didn't have to leave after 70 days but he just got annoyed and told me to move on. Now I have read on here that you can stay in the country longer. How do I go about it, do I have to go to Yangon immigration ? I am married to a Myanmar lady and we are in Bagan. This is my 3rd time in the country the  1st  on a tourist visa  and 2nd and 3rd on social visa. Local immigration says I have to go out one more time  which I will be doing in the coming week but he doesn't seem too sure of what  I need to do in order to avoid having to go out every 70 days. Anyone out there who has been through this and could enlighten me as to what I need to do ??

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Looks like you had some bad luck with your arriving immigration officer.

The current 6 month Social Visa does not require you to leave after 70 days, contrary to what you were told on arrival


Suggest visiting your local immigration office with a print out of the attached document.


Let us know how you go



Myanmar visa info BKK embassy 2017.pdf

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Thanks for the reply  Argus,

  As I mentioned I had to go out again so I went to Bangkok for 2 days. When I returned to Mandalay airport I lined up at a female officers desk ( hoping to get a better hearing than the last time ) I explained what happened last time and she was sympathetic but she still was't sure so she went to another colleague's desk and talked briefly and on returning stamped my passport to remain until the 9th july which was the original date on the six month visa. So like you said I was unlucky last time, but you'd think these guys would be up to speed with the current rules !! but then again this is Myanmar. I've been reporting to the local immigration man regularly but he keeps changing his mind. He showed us 2 letters which we photographed on my phone and he said we need to get similar ones drafted and signed by the village administrators and signed by a witness which we did but when we went back to drop them at his office he said they were no good ! He said he would call and let us know when to come back and he'd show us how to do it. Methinks he wants his palm greased as he says I need a letter from him before going to Yangon to try and get an extension when my six months is up. Do you have any advice on how to go about it in Yangon ? Also do you know whats involved in getting a foreign registration card? Any info would be greatly appreciated, cheers wangotango


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Hullo wangotango


Don't mind if you have to pay some tea money to get the letter - if it keeps them happy then hand over some kyats and a small gift of some sort to keep the local chief on side.


In Yangon, you'll need to go to the main immigration office on Pansodan Street (middle block from memory, East side of the street )

Ask there to get your FRC


Don't forget to print out that document I posted above, might come in handy

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