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Buddhist Miracle ? Sign?


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Hi this happened on 14th Jan 2017 at my house,

A flower bloomed out of the wick of the oil lamp after prayers.


I was quite surprised at this.

My mind was full of different thoughts is it three petals for tripple gems? what else?

I was only able to take some photos in that little time.

Can somene Please get this image to the Buddhist monk in the Picture, I know he is thai.

The monk that gave me this photo of his guru is in another city of India.

I cannot yet get to him. But If someone in thailand can send it to the monk there, it would be great.

This happened at my home, but the buddhist monks badge was sent for me through a family member from Bhogal Budha vihara in delhi india.

The respected monk there may remember me by the name Justin.


Thanks for the time.

The Image should not be used without my permission for any other purpose.

And image specially not to be used for any antiBuddhist activity.


here is the twitter link


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