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so hard to say no to massage girls

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i am older and married now

but it is so hard to say no to the sexy massage and bar girls 

when propositioned by these bountiful girls  

when they pull there tops up to attract you to see a gorgeous   sight 

i have had my share of gorgeous girls in my life 

but think should i take them on or stay true to wife

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Opalred, go for it.


When you kick the bucket, there will be no score sheet in heaven reminding you of your infidelities.


A good orgasm is worth its weight in gold….especially when experienced with a new woman.


Get cracking'…time is running out.

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Sorry to be old fashioned about this... but my view is...


If you expect your wife to be faithful to you, then you ought to be faithful to her.


On the other hand, if you've both agreed that either of you can tag any hotie that comes along, more power to you.


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