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Video: Monk goes bonkers as he avoids the draft!


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Video: Monk goes bonkers as he avoids the draft!



Picture: Thai Rath


CHONBURI: -- An online video is going viral that shows a monk jumping for joy when he realizes he has avoided the military draft.


It has come down to the last two people at the selection process in Chonburi - an ordinary member of the public and the monk who is dressed in his saffron robes, reported Thai Rath.


Who will get the dreaded red card? Or will it be the blessed black?


The officer draws the card for the monk and it is black. The monk flies into the air in a spontaneous outpouring of joy - and some of his clothing even comes off!


There are smiles all round from army men looking on.


The clip was posted by "Paakaa Ranpunnon" to Youlike and had already been viewed almost half a million times by yesterday.


Thai Rath online caught up with the poster who said that it happened in Chonburi on Sunday.


He said that the other man reacting wildly - the one in the black shirt with a top knot hairstyle - had come with the monk and was also happy for him, taking off his own shirt and even kicking it.


Source: Thai Rath

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-04-04
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9 minutes ago, Briggsy said:

They appear to have changed the whole thing into a game show.



Yes and this monk just won the eat for free all your life price.....


And also he will never have to work...:cowboy:

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6 minutes ago, champers said:

I thought monks were exempt from the military draft.

I think they need to be permanent monks who have been ordained for at least 3 years. I am sure someone will know the precise rules and terminology.

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