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Soldiers accused of beating, killing young recruit made to apologize


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2 hours ago, natway09 said:

I sentence them to 30 lashes,,,,,,,, see how they like it

I think in this case 30 kicks to the stomach area for each of the 8 is appropriate.

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2 hours ago, hansnl said:

In most countries things like this are handled by military police and military courts.

I wonder why this is not so in Thailand.

Also, why is it that everybody seems to ignore the fact it all happened in a military prison.

Which in fact is not a kind-hearted place to be, and means all there have done something wrong before.

Does not take away the fact the boy's death was unnecessary.

And ultimately the camp's commanding officer has to shoulder the blame.


I'm sure I read somewhere that this boy was training to be a Military Policeman.


In which case this barracks must be a Military Police Training Centre.


Heaven (or Nirvana) help us.....

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5 hours ago, cmsally said:

How do eight soldiers get access to someone in detention, and then manage to beat him to death with no one noticing ??

I expect the easiest way is  to live in a  tinpot third world country run by a military dictatorship, but thats  just a guess on my part, as for how this happened in  Thailand Ive no idea, land of the free.

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2 hours ago, wpcoe said:

In Thailand, is an apology considered an admission of guilt?

No I believe its  seen a s a pointless gesture especially when its enforced............basically it  not  an apology at all then

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apology, ... ? 


Well that is a step up from the normal operating procedure of deny deny deny then sweep under the rug, ... 


I feel really really bad for the mother and her family. You send your kid off to the army, and then this?

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Prostrate? what good is that when a young life was stolen by a bunch of cowards who have to fight/kill in numbers. just shows where their bosses heads are, man at the top is to blame, as the buck always stops there, but not here.


I see we have missing posters today on this thread, they must be busy getting new seat belts fitted for Songkran.

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I have no idea why these people have been made to apologise to the mother.

If they hadn't of carried out the orders they were given it would have been them getting beaten to death.

As per normal it stinks.

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Sorry for murdering your son - seven soldiers "graap" dead conscript's grieving mum



Picture: Thai Rath


SURAT THANI: -- Our picture this morning shows seven of the suspects in the fatal attack on a soldier at a military prison in the south begging for forgiveness to the dead man's mother.


The seven are part of a group of ten suspects held in the killing of Yuthkinan Boonniam who was brutally beaten while in detention at Vibhavadi Rangsir Military Camp in Surat Thani, reported Thai Rath.


Yuthkinan died on Saturday.


Police in the town have been investigating after the military said they would not interfere in the matter.


The mother has received 100,000 baht so far from the army.


The "graap" is a Thai gesture where the hands and head are placed on the floor before a person either to show respect or, in this case, remorse and asking for forgiveness.


The mother had earlier indicated she was willing to accept the apology and will proceed to cremate the body of her son next Monday.


Source: Thai Rath

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-04-07
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13 hours ago, jaltsc said:

“Soldiers accused of beating, killing young recruit made to apologize


They murder someone and they have to be made to apologize?

Unbelievable!  They killed a person!  This is justice in Thailand!!!

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