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Pattaya: Brutal farang vs farang road rage assault caught on camera

Jonathan Fairfield

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13 hours ago, KhunBENQ said:

A comment on the FB page obviously from a person who understood what has been said:


About who attacked and punched whom: some members really need better glasses.

And I can only hope that Mr. Olympia will be harshly punished.


Absa***kingloutely. Everyone jumps in with their "asking for a fight" bs and they don't think or care about what the context may be, and the little guy didn't throw any punch he just remonstrated. What kind of human being goes laying out the parent of a small child, leaving the poor kid to watch. Hope he ends up with the rough end of the law, expulsion and ban. 

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20 minutes ago, NanLaew said:

No, the 'flattened' guy's daughter getting sick started the situation.


The Russian guys kid squirting water on the sick girl from inside the car made it worse.


And the rest as they say is history open to interpretation.

All,  very easily avoided,  he should have just carried on to the hospital.

he could even  have got a taxi to the hospital. loads to call.

The stupid parents have traumatized there kids over what,    a bit of water.

Bozos in Pattaya



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If I'm 'brutally' honest the video did actually make me laugh... it reminded me of the Euro's... Headline should read Self important, middle aged, overweight (English/German?) bloke gets 'poked' by Russian 'Cosmonaut' during Songkran celebrations!


World Cup Russia 2018... 'There Will Be Blood'

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If you watch the video they had words and then it looks as if the Russian guy is about to sit back down as the other guy waves his right arm towards him. This looks like the trigger point which saw it escalate.

Most of the Thais reacted well and quickly apart from the one in the white shirt who decides to practice his kick boxing on the car. Seen that a few times out here when there have been arguments with Thais.

Just shows how easy it is for these type of situations to escalate. The Russian could quite easily be charged on the video evidence. The older guy could possibly have died hitting his head on the deck...........all because a kid sprayed water at another kid.

Hard to tell who were the actual kids here.



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8 minutes ago, Eli1 said:

I bet if that was a foreign guy and a Thai guy you wouldn't see them trying to stop thus fight that's for sure.

As if a Thai would get involved in a 'road rage' incident... their tolerance of 'shit' driving is legend!

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2 hours ago, dinsdale said:

Are you justifying this gutless, pathetic attack? 

Yep, he clearly lives with the pixies, as reflected by his comments..


The Russian's kid cowardly firing water from inside a car started this incident. This sort of thing grips my sh1t. 'I want to get others wet but don't do it to me'.


There was no need for the guy to come out swinging- he over-reacted and deserves to be punished. 

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52 minutes ago, NanLaew said:

There's a few people who have hit their heads on the pavement after only one punch who haven't been able to walk away so no, I would say it is an assault after minimal provocation. The guy who got knocked down is allegedly a German and the passenger in the car who knocked him down is allegedly Russian so assume the common language was English... up until the point immediately after Fritz slapped Boris's car door and Boris went all Ukrainian on him.


1 minute ago, Destiny1990 said:

Somewhat self defense case.

The short fat old guy walking up and makes a fake punch so the big guy lands a technical punch and walks back to his car.no head kicking just clean fight traffic dispute.

If you watched the video - the 1st punch stuns him sorta------------> then watch the left hand punch knock him out.

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I have actually witnessed a case of 2 young Americans fighting- one punch knocked the other to the ground- he hit his head on the curb- and died instantly. There was no intent to kill. The charge was involuntary manslaughter- the sentence- 5-10 years. He was out in 7.  

One reason why I will always walk away from these type of situations and others should also. Too many things can go wrong. If you take someone else's life-even without intent- you're losing a portion of your own. 

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