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Pattaya: Brutal farang vs farang road rage assault caught on camera

Jonathan Fairfield

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44 minutes ago, cromagnon said:

 I say this is a walk-away with no fault.

There's a few people who have hit their heads on the pavement after only one punch who haven't been able to walk away so no, I would say it is an assault after minimal provocation. The guy who got knocked down is allegedly a German and the passenger in the car who knocked him down is allegedly Russian so assume the common language was English... up until the point immediately after Fritz slapped Boris's car door and Boris went all Ukrainian on him.

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26 minutes ago, ncc1701d said:

What's happened has happened and the government should be looking at ways to reduce such incidents. As someone else suggested, a certain coloured shirt could be worn so as to let people know not to soak them - I'd go one step further and have some government sanctioned style day glow yellow vest.

No water throwing at moving vehicles or within 15m of the public highway does it for me. Failure to address this each year beggars belief.

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1 hour ago, onemorechang said:

No that's incorrect,   he started the situation. :jap:


No, the 'flattened' guy's daughter getting sick started the situation.


The Russian guys kid squirting water on the sick girl from inside the car made it worse.


And the rest as they say is history open to interpretation.

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