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BANGKOK 20 January 2019 08:09


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3G plan for very light user

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I remember buying my first and only Apple product when iPhones first came out, but in all the Androids that I've had since, I've only ever connected to the internet via wifi because of costs.


Does anyone know of a plan I can get (unfortunately they won't let me have post-paid so it has to be prepaid) that will give me unlimited calls/texts (99% to the same number) and a little bit of data so I can use Uber and Grabtaxi and maybe manually check email if I'm waiting for something important? I don't use Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or any of those Look At Me sites.


I'm sure someone told me once that she paid 100 baht a month for something similar, but I could be wrong.


The websites here are generally horrible to navigate, just hoping someone has something similar or knows of something similar.  My internet is with Sinet (very happy with them) so I can't get it added on to my existing account - I tried to do that with TOT when we were with them.


Any help, which means I don't have to trawl through those awful sites will be appreciated.

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Thanks for the reply.


We're both with DTAC at the moment.  Very unsatisfied with their service, but have been too lazy to do anything about it for several years.  I can literally be sitting on the sofa with 5 bars of service and my husband sitting next to me has no service.  Totally crazy.


It's just really with the arrival of Uber and Grabtaxi that has spurred me on to do something about it.


I suppose unlimited minutes doesn't matter, I just got that from back home where it's almost always automatic with a data plan.

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Here is a good summary of the prepaid options available...




I use Truemove H prepaid monthly 199 baht for 30 days 1.5gb of data... if I go over that within a month you can add a extra 1gb for 99 baht... it's simple buy a sim at the 711 activate, fund and press *900*8816# after that just make sure the account has enough funds at the end of the month as it will auto renew and deduct the 199 baht (plus tax)




PS... don't bother with any of the 3G plans as they are slow and you will be disappointed...

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I think you really need to figure out how many voice minutes you use on average, and are the calls on-net (so DTAC to DTAC) or off-net (DTAC to AIS or TrueMove H). And then experiment with some mobile data plans to get a feel for what might work for your specific requirements.


All three providers here have an endless supply of packages and offers; all have bundles of voice and data. Sometimes it;s better to swing by a shop and grab a brochure as these usually have the current promotions and often are more up to date than the websites.


DTAC have a "Value-Set: Max Combo" line which might suit?


Value Set: Max Combo 199
199 baht / month
500 MB
4G/3G at maximum speed of 100Mbps, after reach 500 MB, able to use internet at maximum speed of 64Kbps
Automatically renew for 12 months.
80 min All networks
Excess rate at 1.50 baht/min
Enjoy music streaming with no data charges
Press *104*491*9# dial




500 MB of full-speed should be fine for your stated applications.


I thin AIS and TrueMove H probably have similar packages. You can port out, and keep the same number, if you want to change providers,


Unlimited voice and text is more of a U.S. thing, there we pay for both incoming and outgoing calls, while here you only pay for outgoing calls.


It does seem strange that both you and your husband are on DTAC, and you experience differing service levels while co-located. Unusual to say the least, maybe some issue with his phone?



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