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Marrying in Myanmar Pros and Cons (to Myanmar citizen)


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I've been looking into different options of getting married to my Myanmar gf of 3 years.  I am a US citizen . Right now I am trying to find out some advantages of getting married in Myanmar. I understand that this marriage is not as recognized in some countries as compared to a US or a Thai marriage, but it surely must be recognized in Myanmar, Thailand and the US right? Out of those 3 I can see the US being the most likely problem as nothing is normal there currently.   But there are many hassles involving possible extra boarder crossings etc. that have made me look into this possibility. I imagine after once successfully getting married in Myanmar I could also get the marriage endorsed (if that's the right word) in another country as well as needed. Possibly even get married in the US as well one day. 


Anyhow, my girlfriend and I are considering trying out some opportunities in Myanmar, but from everything I've read so far living together is not an option and not worth the risk if we are not married. That said we are ready to tie the knot and Myanmar is intriguing albeit a bit intimidating as well (as a US/Myanmar couple). I highly doubt we will experience the same freedom from  scrutiny we generally appreciate in Thailand. 


Any thoughts? Helpful ones are the most appreciated. Thanks. 

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