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TrueVisions to Raise Prices Effective 1 June 17


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truevisions are absolutely clueless.


spiraling costs,  ever dwindling service.


who actually watches television and heavily edited movies that you need to be around at a specific time for?


for the cost of an internet connection pretty much everything is available.

sports may be the one thing terrestrial cable is good for, but anything i feel is worth watching is best watched in a bar or with friends anyways.


Tru visions is the modern equivalent of radio and i havent used either in many years.



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On 7/10/2017 at 8:21 AM, Jessi said:

I got rid of them in 2006 when it was UBC.

They are the worst company I have ever done business with in Thailand.

i did as well, and spent the money on a decent internet connection and a seed box. 

now, with streaming, i dont even need the seed box.

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