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English teacher found dead inside bedroom in Chonburi


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3 hours ago, bartender100 said:

Wrong ,health care for heart problems is very good in the UK if it's serious enough,I know from very recent personnel experience . ECG to ECHO to Cardio Anagram to see Surgeon to plan op all took 6 weeks in my case, nicest
caring people I have ever met in this journey to the operating table

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I admit i was exaggerating somewhat but this dates back to an experience that i had some 48 years ago when the NHS was supposed to be better than it is now. I had a serious car accident in Yugoslavia, 5 operations were needed in Zagreb. I still had a badly deformed nose and could only breath through one nostril. The treatment was free due to reciprocal agreement. The doctor in Zagreb told me to wait three months and then get the nose operated on in the UK. The NHS gave me a waiting time of 3 years for the OP !!! I left to work in Germany before the OP date. during a bad winter i had a bad cold which was made worse due to my deformed nose, i saw a doctor in Munich for some medicine to relieve the symptoms who then casually said i should get my nose operated on, ''I can get you an OP appointment next week if you want.''

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