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BANGKOK 21 February 2019 05:30

Somtam slowly killing many Thais, cancer center says

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Somtam slowly killing many Thais, cancer center says

By Keng Na Songkla



Dr. Sutat Duangdeeden was the lead speaker at the Chonburi Cancer Hospital’s 8th annual cancer seminar at the A-One Royal Cruise Hotel.


CHONBURI: -- Thais’ love of somtam is leading to higher cancer rates and deaths, the head of the Chonburi Cancer Hospital told medical professionals in Pattaya.


Dr. Sutat Duangdeeden was the lead speaker at the center’s 8th annual cancer seminar at the A-One Royal Cruise Hotel.


Sutat said rates of deaths caused by cancer in Thailand have increased in recent years with 60,000 cases now reported annually. Fatality rates also are increasing.


While he noted that causes of cancer vary, Thais’ love of “pla ra” or raw fish used in somtam, as well as other undercooked foods are responsible for increased rates of worm infections, which can lead to liver cancer.


Cervical cancer, he added, is now the deadliest disease for woman, even though most cases are preventable.


Nearly all cervical cancer is due to human papillomavirus infections with two types, HPV16 and HPV18, accounting for 70 percent of cases. Between 60-90 percent of other cancers also are linked to HPV. Cervical cancer kills 5,000 Thai women a year and 10,000 new cases are reported.


Full story: http://www.pattayamail.com/news/somtam-slowly-killing-many-thais-cancer-center-says-172563

-- © Copyright Pattaya Mail 2017-05-05



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12 minutes ago, Bluespunk said:

Reminds me of a friend at university back in the day.


After a night out we'd all head to a local curry place and order whatever. This guy had a thing about eating the hottest thing on the menu, didn't give a toss what it was so long as it was hot.


Mostly he'd get a vindaloo, but one evening after we been a rather long session he was a bit more belligerent than usual and started mouthing off that vindaloos weren't that hot and we were all pussies-or words to that effect. The staff [I'm guessing] took offence at this and told him there was an especially hot curry called a tindaloo, but was too hot for most people.


Man, he went off on a big one and started demanding he be given this. The staff eventually agreed and walked away with huge grins on their faces.


When the dish finally arrived, I swear it was curry sauce, mystery meat and more chillies than I've ever seen in my life. The thing glowed. You could feel the heat coming off it [well maybe that's just my imagination but that's how it felt]


My mate started eating it and immediately began sweating like a dog in heat. He was dripping and his whole face took on a bright red shine. He was clearly in pain but wouldn't admit it and ate the whole thing [well most of it]. Kept on claiming it was ok though.


The next day was hell for him and he spent most of the day in the toilet.


Funny thing is, he never went to that curry place again. I'd like to say he calmed down a bit on the hotter the better shtick, but he never did.


He was a bit of <deleted> if I'm honest though. 

Not a ' my black cat ' story but I know a Kiwi 'hero' who did similar here and ended up in Bumrungrad for a night. Eating raw chillies and calling everyone else wimps.

Very quiet about it afterwards.

I have met a few older Thai people in the north east who were always complaining of stomach and gut problems after what I call years of chilli abuse.

It really can't be good for you.

Chilli has only been here for a couple of hundred years I think

, ( anyone know the dates) brought originally from West Indies and replaced pepper which I like, especially Kampot pepper.

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Never been a fan of thai food myself and never understood the reasoning behind eating food that has so much chilli in it. 
It always strikes me as strange that food should bring on a sweating session, red face and a need to drink litres of water to kill/cool off the burn. More like a competition than enjoyment. Locally I sometimes have TomYam Kung and ask them to bring the chilli in another side dish. Usually they bring 15 or so chillies in the dish for one bowl of soup.
Someone at the table will be happy to have them and add to their own bowl then sit there gasping, sweating and saying Aroi Aroi.
No way can that be good for your stomach lining or intestines over a lifetime.

Well sweating is body's way of cooling down, and remember that most Thai people don't naturally sweat as much as us Farangs.
So there is a certain logo as to why hot countries such as Thailand have a spicy cuisine.

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