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What Kind Of Job And Salary Can I Expect

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I'm going over to Thailand in May to do a one month CELTA course with International House in Chiang Mai. I also have a BA degree in English Literature and Spanish and one year's teaching experience in Malawi on my gap year. After the CELTA course I am hoping to stay in Thailand and find a job. I wondered if anyone could advise on what the best type of teaching post for me would be and what level of salary I can expect. Also, I would rather not work in Bangkok, are there many opportunities in other, less urbanized areas?



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It's a good thing that you have a BA in English. That would be an advantage. Feel free to browse the job postings at http://www.teflasia.com/ajarn/browse_jobs/index.html. That will give you an idea on how much you can get from here.

There's one important thing that you didn't mention in your posting. Native speakers a.k.a. farangs get a much higher salary than non-native speakers. There are other issues like getting a visa and securing a work permit.

The school year here starts on the first week of May, you should fly in earlier to get the best offers in good schools. Chiang Mai is saturated with foreigners who are after jobs that you want.

Happy job hunting!

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