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Body of owner of pickup truck used to make car bomb in Big C explosion found


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On 11/05/2017 at 5:04 PM, Tchooptip said:

You are right,  but in those cases isn't the "southern insurgency about territory"   only because they want Muslims laws not Buddhists one, so one could hardly say not (because of) Islam? 


The conflict is not about Islam. 

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On 11/05/2017 at 5:22 PM, akirasan said:

With all respect to you, as soon as a group hurts innocent people they lose any legitimacy they may have had.  In other words, who cares about their cause.  

It is important to be accurate about the causes of a conflict in order to ensure that it is not used to spread misinformation by those with an agenda. 


No one is justifying the actions of these scum, but they should not be used to spread lies. 

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14 hours ago, SOUTHERNSTAR said:

They have links to ISIS. About 6 years ago the muslims started to chase Buddhist away in certain villages. There are now muslim only villages in the south. If you research the reasons for the war one other reason is the moral issue of drinking and prostitution. The muslims view the Buddhist Thai's as corrupting their people by allowing bars and brothels. So on the surface they are pretending that its about land but deeper down it is about muslims vs the rest.

No it's not. 

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