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BANGKOK 19 June 2019 13:53

Any updates on How To Marry a Myanmar Citizen?

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On 1/3/2019 at 6:02 AM, StephanieMomo said:

I'm Malaysian married my husband myanmar in Thailand and register in Malaysia.we have a baby boy.

Can you go into more detail as to the exact procedure you needed to do in order to get married.  A summary of each step please. 

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Anyone have updates on marriage to a Myanmar citizen? Especially a western man to a Burmese woman? My not yet legal wife is 44 with a regular Myanmar passport and I'm a 66 YO American, we live in Thailand. 


I am being advised by a close friend from Myanmar whose business is Thai and Myanmar immigration issues, that the best way is to pay for a "permission to marry" document from the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok and then get married in Thailand. Thailand will not allow it without this document for my wife.


Any comment or recent experience? Thanks and best of luck to all of you with Myanmar marriage issues.

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Hi to all,

My girlfriend is from Myanmar and yes we wish to get married, after reading some comments here I thought it would not be difficult if you are in your own country and get your lady a tourist visa for few months which will give you enough time to prepare to get married in your own country which in that case they have to give your wife a permit of residency which she would probably have to renew it every six months until she is able to become a citizen of your country.

I hope this can help others. 


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