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No sugar, no longer hungry - experimenting myself

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At age 62 I was very pudgy at 86kg 180 cm in 2012. With me, any excess goes straight to my face and belly so that my face looked like a pumpkin in a photo. That did it. I continued normal exercise but my. new diet consists of three sandwiches a day--modest ones. If I'm famished near bedtime, a plain piece of bread will do. Lost 9 kg and kept it off and now I get respect and attention from the ladies. I do take supplements. I am healthy and slim. Yes it's a boring diet a nd occasionally I deviate from it, but the rewards outweigh any food obsession. Others can take photos of their food all day and get fat; their choice.



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12 hours ago, swissie said:

Clearly, live sucks ! Whatever is connected to fun and enjoyment is bad for our health.

- Eating the foods we really like = it's bad for your health.
- Chasing the girls is bad for your health (..all those deseases).
- Drinking beer with the guys is bad for your health.
- Smoking a fat Cuban Cigar is bad for your health.
- Sitting outside of any street cafe anywhere in the world is bad for your health (....exhausts).
- Eating Thai Veggies, fresh from the market, laced with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides are bad for your health.
- Laying in the sun is bad for your health.

So truly, everything remotly connected to "fun and enjoyment" is bad for your health. The "Gods", ultimately responsible for this constellation, must have a very special "sense of humor".
No matter what we do or not do, the final one-way ticket we will buy has a pre-determined destination printed on it: Cemetary! Like it or not!

Therefore, to lead a live by allowing for "fun and games" may diminish the chances of reaching an old age. Fine with me. Who is going to ask, 500 years from now, if I died at the age of 67 or 77? I certainly wont!:smile:

Not true!

My uncle was a medical consultant. His mantra was "A little of what you fancy does you good, and a well-watered whisky of a night never did anyone any harm." He drank his beer for lunch, wine with dinner, plus his whisky as a 'sundowner', smoked like a chimney, and died of a stroke at 76. 


The key words are ."a little" : moderation in all things! The trouble is that almost everything you can buy to eat here has added sugar! Sugar is addictive, and the more you eat, the hungrier you feel, until you completely lose control of your diet and become a "type 2” diabetic. 

Type 2 diabetes is a completely man-made disorder and can be completely cured without drugs. Very few doctors will tell you, or even know, this. Plenty of evidence on the web to prove it!

Smoking is undoubtedly bad for you, and for those around you. If it were not addictive, no one would do it! Smokers, by all means kill yourself with lung disease and cancers various, but please do consider others - most smokers don't!

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On 29.5.2017 at 1:12 PM, tifino said:

whatever you do - don't go the gluten-free way (unless of course you are a Celiacee)



I went from a 102kg, down to 73kg, over an 18 month period


The 1st was the Salt - which I totally changed over to pepper and chillies


Stopped the 2 Tspoons of sugar in every Tea, and now I can actually taste the tea itself


Bread - at fist I changed to wholemeal, but lately I have skipped over to Cafe Raisin (which I found out was great via eating jai foods)


With coffee, which even today means about 6~8 cuppas - I now keep to the black in a single serve dunk bag

( I use that one bag, in a plunger pot, and that one bag is now used to make all 8 cuppas) very efficient, and I can sleep better now too!!


No more takeaway -  but I now oven bake my potatoes for making chips, that used to be deep fry done in my 'previous life'


I follow anything that is anti-monsanto

which means that normal whole eggs, milk, bread, are in everyday diet


Drink the 2 liters water daily, but also add unfiltered apple cider vinegar to a lot of my water


oh yeah! i also abide by B17, D3,

and of late - CQ10 (If I am going to have cholesterol in me, it's going to be the good HDL type)


Years back, when I decided to cut down on the fatty foods, I found a very good way to keep focussed on it - I used Xenical  

If you have ever tried Xenical, you know what I mean :partytime2:  - especially if you relapse and return to the fat food...



respect a lot of weight gone in such a short time 

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Four years ago I weighed 80kg (I am  1.59m) so was definitely fat.  Met someone and decided I must lose weight.  Cut out all carbs (but kept drinking lager)  never had salt in my diet but lots of sweet things.


Stuck at it and now weigh 50-51kg, Have only one tiny portion of carbs per day but lots of veg.  Depending on the weight I have a treat - usually about once a month - an icecream or a small piece of cake.


Walk/cycle everywhere, cook my own food.


Not an ideal diet but it works for me.

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If you really want to shake things up, look into intermittent fasting protocols. It will improve your body's insulin response and reduce leptin resistance.

Once you retrain your body and mind you'll never be a slave to hunger pangs again.

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