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Guidelines for discussion of Streaming Media - Please read before posting

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With the current situation of Thai based TV subscription services being deemed illegal and shut down we need to be very careful what we allow to be discussed on Thaivisa.


We need to protect Thaivisa and our members and forum rules will be updated in due course.


In the meantime please limit your discussions as detailed below. Threads or posts which contravene the guidelines will be removed.


Please check back regularly, these guidelines are still work-in-progress and may be updated.



Best Kodi builds.

Best VPN to use for accessing TV in <country>.

Netflix, True, AIS, and other legal Thai streaming services.


Not OK

Kodi addons to watch subscription services available in Thailand (EPL etc.).

Paid streaming services offering subscriptions to Sky, EPL etc. (even if their servers are located outside Thailand).

Anything not listed as OK (please contact Thaivisa staff for guidelines).


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