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Moving To Ao Nang/krabi ?

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Hi Ao Nang/Krabi residents. I would welcome your advice.

I am an Australian and have been living in Nong Khai for almost 2 years with my Thai wife and her 2 daughters of 9 years and 11 years.

Nong Khai is a nice town but it is a bit of a backwater. Most farangs pass through here to get to Laos, consequently the town has not developed a farang infrastructure. I like Thai people and Thai food (although Issan food doesn't grab me!) but I yearn for just a litle bit of multi culture which unfortunately NK ain't got. A pizza in an Italian restaurant or some chicken masala in an Indian restaurant or a glass of wine in a nice bar . NK ain't got it. It has a few farang bars which most of the time are empty. I am a water person - I still have a home on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. As a compromise, the house I bought just 5 km out of NK is right on the banks of the Mekong. But it ain't like the beach!

And so I am seriously considering a move south and Ao Nang/Krabi is top of my list, followed by Phuket and Samui. I am not a dreamer. I have been to all three several times and I am coming to Krabi for a month in May for a serious look.

My topics for discussion:

House: I plan to rent initially and hopefully buy land out of Ao Nang - say 5-8km. Is such land available? Services? Cost?

Schools: These 2 girls are bright and attend a Thai Catholic College in NK. They do not need a Phuket style International School but my research comes up with nothing about schools in Krabi district. Is there a good primary/high school near Ao Nang?

Shopping: I read that a Tesco/Lotus is planned. What's the latest? Are the existing shops sufficient or does everyone really do a fortnighly run to Phuket?

Hospitals: I read that a new medical centre is planned for Ao Nang. What's the latest? Are the existing services sufficient for non life threatening illnesses?

What am I looking for? A quiet place to live but close enough to a tourist beach where I can occasionally go for a walk, a talk, a nice meal and a cold glass of wine. Regretfully, Nong Khai ain't got it. I will be very grateful for your reply.

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