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Pattaya gentlemen's club raid: Caught in the middle of the act…


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Caught in the middle of the act…

The oral act!

By Online Admin -



Caught in the middle of the act…The oral act


PATTAYA: -- A team of Pattaya police and army personnel have raided a popular gentleman’s club in South Pattaya to find illegal oral sexual activity taking place.


At around 6:30pm on June 19th, Pattaya police joined up with a squad of army soldiers after receiving reports that sexual services were available for purchase at popular gentleman’s club, Rioja.


Undercover police entered the premises first, armed with 3,000 baht. The plan was to confirm that sexual services could definitely be purchased before raiding the establishment.


To the amazement of absolutely nobody, police quickly confirmed the reports and made their way inside.


The establishment is set out across 2 floors and covers approximately 150 Sq. metres.


Downstairs police found there to be around 15 bar girls entertaining customers in a friendly manner.


Making their way upstairs, they found some short time rooms where customers were able to have some fun with a girl of their choosing. Entering the first room police found a young girls entertaining her customer on the bed.


A few moments later they entered a second room where they found 2 girls giving oral pleasure to a foreign customer inside a Jacuzzi bath tub.. Police also found condoms, lubricants, and kamagra jellies in the rooms.


Police collected as much evidence as they needed including photos and made their way back downstairs where they were introduced to a 52 year old woman who claimed to be in charge of running the business.


She was taken down to the police station for further questioning and police will be looking to file charges in the near future.


They also sent a strong message out to other establishments that may be involved in similar activity that they will be continuing raids in the coming weeks.

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Crazy. Sexual services can be bought at just about every bar in town, so hardly news. A better headline though, would have been "police continue futile effort to clean Pattayas reputation."

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Why i'll be a monkey's ass... sexual services in a Pattaya? honestly, I'll be

more shocked if the police would have found a bunch of nuns with

rosary beads in in full pray while tending to the sick and poor....


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I suppose in times when they have nothing better to do is to beat their own chests, "what the F" this is Thailand you bozo's, get a life, the sale of sex has been around since well before we were all born and will be around long time after we are all gone, its a service, its an industry, can you imagine the amount or rape cases around the world escalating if these services were not available, its keeps the sick ones off the street, besides most of us like dipping the old oil stick every now and again, but don't tell your Mrs

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30 minutes ago, Somtamnication said:

You can get oral sex by two girls? At the same time? :shock1:

They were praticing to become submariners when the new subs arrive " Down Periscope " Dive Dive Dive !

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