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Pattaya Walking Street bars warned: No prostitutes, no guns and be closed by 3am


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Pattaya Walking Street bars warned: No prostitutes, no guns and be closed by 3am



Picture: STV Pattaya


PATTAYA: -- A new curfew is in place for all bars and entertainment venues located on Pattaya’s Walking Street.


On Monday, local officials informed bar owners and managers that venues had to close by 3am.


As well as reminding bar owners of Walking Street’s trading hours, officials left a leaflet at each venue informing that guns and prostitutes are prohibited.



Image: Pattaya Rag


The leaflet reads:


No persons under 20 years of age allowed

No drugs

No prostitution

No guns, knives and weapons


The news comes just days after officials issued a similar warning to bars on Soi 6.


Last week, bars were informed they have to remain closed during the day and can now only open from 6pm.


The crackdown is part of a new sweeping changes to licensing regulations that are being rolled out by City Hall after discussions with officials from the police, tourism and entertainment sectors.


The move comes as authorities desperately try to reinvent the image of the popular resort town from one synonymous with sex and adult entertainment to that of a modern and family friendly resort with mass appeal.


Earlier this week, the police and military launched raids on three venues in the city.


One raid was carried out a popular gentleman’s club named Rioja after police received reports that sexual services were for sale. A 52 year old woman was arrested.


Another two raids in the early hours of Tuesday morning resulted in 14 people being arrested.

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Pattaya can never be a family friendly resort as long as there is so little parking, polluted beaches and water, terrible traffic, flooding , constant road works, scams and rip-offs. While they are trying to paper over the 'farang visited' bars, they dont seem to have done much about the numerous karaoke and thai bars that also feature prostitution.

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Prostitutes in Walking Street.  No, never.  We have been told many times by the authorities that Pattaya is a squeaky clean family oriented resort destination.


Meanwhile, in the real world, this government is doing it's best to ruin as many businesses as possible.   The sex industry is one of the few things that Pattaya has going for it.

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1 hour ago, colinneil said:

No prostitutes in walking street.:cheesy::cheesy::cheesy:

thats correct, every one i spoke to assured me they were condom sellers with a free demonstration.


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9 minutes ago, Jeremy50 said:

3am sounds rather late to me. Wouldn't 10.30pm be better?  Why are people up in the middle of the night? Don't they have a bed to sleep in, or a good book to read?

Reading a good book is all i get to do these days, even 10.30 is late for me.

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