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Pattaya Walking Street bars warned: No prostitutes, no guns and be closed by 3am


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If anyone would arrest me for prostitution i would charge them for defamation. Wait 6 months and see if pattaya is descending in tourism. 3am is a good time to finish.

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4 minutes ago, brewsterbudgen said:

It's 20 for customers but 18 for working as service or dancing.

It doesn't matter, in the example I gave, the peony club in suphan buri, waiters and waitresses had to be 20 as well. Interpretation of the local law enforcers and/or governor.
The police chief actually took the stage and made the announcements in Thai what was allowed and what wasn't. Was actually very interesting, still have the video on an old
digital camera somewhere.

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Whilst many posters have sighted the issues of the BIB perhaps attempting to increase their charity donations from the establishments in WS,  or even questioning those business's known to be owned and/or financed by those desperately poor BIB members, the reason for these regulations being enforced,  but my view  is that perhaps there is a much more insidious motive being pushed by those in power.


It is known that throughout the country their has been a desperate purge on the so called 'red shirts' and its supporters and the main family members to whom they give support.  As we know they have most support from those families in the Isan region, which accounts for over 18% of the eligible voters. Spite, greed and the over riding desire to ensure the Elite of this country can continue to prosper to the detriment of others, by curtailing and/or punishing the 'red shirt' fraternity,  being the main driver of this policy.  Sorry to ramble but we all know that most ladies working in Pattaya come from the Isan region. To deliberately undertake policies that will ruin the 'adult' business in Pattaya will take away the main source of income for millions of families in Isan for whom these working ladies support, driving them ( the families)  again down the road to deprivation and isolation not seen since the 1960's. 


This IMHO is the main underlying reason for why this purge is being undertaken.  What the government would appear to be working towards is a return to the Isan people to middle ages serfdom and thus allowing the  Elites to yet further increase their ability to metaphorically rape and pillage the country of their economic resources to benefit and enrich only themselves.


But specifically addressing the issue of bars not being able to open until 6 pm and all establishments having to close by 3 am then is that a bad thing or not ? Certainly for the working lady it will be a little more than an inconvenience perhaps because as a poster has said, the likes of TF, LINE or Craigslist will ensure they can make customer contact. Indeed for the customer it could be beneficial  - think of the savings not needing to pay a BF or LD ? As for the GOGO's then little will change perhaps currently.

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3 minutes ago, sead said:

If anyone would arrest me for prostitution i would charge them for defamation. Wait 6 months and see if pattaya is descending in tourism. 3pm is a good time to finish.

you probably mean 3am.

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"No prostitution"?

Somebody just lost their damn mind!!!


Why 3 AM, that is when the trouble starts, for tourists and police?

Maybe Bangkok operating hours would be more appropriate.


Everything else is as it should be!!

No Drugs - No one Under 20 - No Weapons - (and No Overly Aggressive Security Staff).

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18 minutes ago, GRIMMY said:

All of these shenanigans over a stupid UK newspaper article. This government needs to grow a set of balls and tell the UK to do one and mind their own business.

Dunno how you come to that conclusion, but hey you're allowed to have your say, as for prostitutes on WS, I have never met one yet, all the girls I ever knew called me hasum, sexy man and liked a nice dinner followed by a few drinks and later a bit of horizontal yoga, of course I had to give them the motocy fare home, usually 1000 Baht.

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5 hours ago, colinneil said:

Reading a good book is all i get to do these days, even 10.30 is late for me.

i'm reading this at 10:30 p.m., only because i'm a bit lazy in getting down to

editing the current good book that i'm working on for my publisher :sleepy:


that said, as far as the OP- what the hell has Pattaya got going for it without bars and prostitutes???

can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, and if you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig...


are they really so stupid, shortsighted and deluded that they think they can transform Patts???

or is this just a temporary crackdown to increase the amounts in the brown envelopes?!?!?!? :saai:

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