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Phi Phi Gets More Police Officers To Facilitate Tourists During This High Season.

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Police officers from the main-land of Krabi Town station are being sent to Phi Phi Island to facilitate visitors during this high season. The Krabi Town police superintendent Pol. Col. Bunthawi Tohraksa said the supply is in response to local residents and tourists. Even though the police have set up a tourist centre, when tourists need assistance or need help they have to make a journey to town, which takes time and energy. Two years after the tsunami, Phi Phi Island has recovered and can offer around 2,000 rooms in accommodation for this high season.

from Andaman News TV11 (VHF dial) + Radio Thailand FM90.5 Phuket City, both broadcast to Phang Nga, Krabi & Phuket provinces, 8.30am & later on Phuket Cable channel 1, Friday 29 December 2006 & www.Thaisnews.com { Our news text and mini-videos can be freely copied , but please give credit to Andaman News TV11 Phuket}

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