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Patong - The Wake

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moved down from Pattaya in 85, it was paradise  (which was a nice place to eat and drink  :-) ) thru the 80's

Over here in Kamala and having traveled extensively  in SE asia, it still is

Just spent 2 weeks in Bali, Phuket wins hands down!!

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I have been in Phuket prison on remand for a traffic accident in which 2 local underaged kids died on a motorbike who crash into me. 19 months waiting in prison for my day in court. 300,000 bail bond

I'm sure you mean well by your post LaoPo, so I will take it as constructive, however there are some things which seem to pass by your understanding.   I am also sure there are many other ex

Thank you for your kind words Patong2 and I was sorry to see the thread closed, however it became necessary not just because of a vindictive poster taking aim at me, but because it had gotten a little

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More like 20+ years. I arrived 1996 and it was well on the way down back then ..
I just going by that photo of Bangla Rd from 1987. I came 12 years later and it is basically what it is now. A dump.

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As the song goes, "take paradise and put up a parking lot".


But then was it really paradise or just a place where there were some bars and available girls, but nowhere near as many as now, and where the infrastructure was practically non-existent therefore being "quaint" (having said that the current infrastructure is pitiful) making it seem like some sort of out of the way "paradise"? Debates like this will always exist.


Whatever it is now, it is still attracting tourists, although quite how many is open for discussion and based on different stats, especially those put out by TAT.


Certainly the last two times out in Bangla have seen more than in previous months so perhaps the long-awaited "high season" has started, albeit in fits and starts.


What has amazed me is the spread of the tourists (i.e. from where) and just the other night I met more from Slovenia, Romania, USA, the UK, Kuwait, Russia and a few from the Netherlands, not to mention the usual smattering of Aussies.


Of course the Chinese are still here as witnessed by the queues outside of the cheap and cheerful No. 6 Restaurant in Rat-Thid-Road (surely high-class tourists don't queue for 80 baht plates of rice, do they?) and those still frequenting the likes of Big C and drowning out any meaningful conversation in the large Starbucks store, not to mention gobbing on the floor inside Jungceylon.


Perhaps they are responsible for the slight lift in sales in Big C for this last month over the previous year, however if one's sales targets are set by virtue of the numbers which come from TAT and expected to descend upon Patong, then it's no wonder that despite a slight uplift in sales, targets are not being achieved overall.


The ground opposite the back of Jungceylon and the B-Quik store is still being cleared and made ready for something, but quite what I don't know – – some more ferreting required!


The roadworks at the junction of Soi Banzaan and Nanai have progressed and moved along a few metres, but the progression is painfully slow and peering into the large hole one afternoon (reminds me of the joke, "a large hole has appeared in Nanai road and workmen are said to be looking into it") I saw what the initial problem was.


At the back of the row of shops, cafes and offices where the junction is there has been building over the years, going up the hill and I have seen torrents of water gushing from the hill, carrying with them sand, mud and silt in vast quantities, and once I was standing at the doorway of one of the offices and watched as the water gushed down some sort of small klong style gully and into the drain. In no time at all the drain was absolutely solid to the top with that silt and the road quickly flooded, and this was all in a matter of minutes rather than hours, given though that there had been a few previous downpours.


Once the flooding had abated, the large truck with the suction proboscis would come along and suck out the silt, although leaving a lot of the silt and mud on the road. Then the water hose truck would come along and wash this mud and silt........back into the drains!


Anyway looking into that drainpipe which was slowly being demolished and replaced, I could see it was absolutely solid with mud, sand and silt, so that it was no wonder the road flooded as the rain had nowhere to go. Having said that surely something needs to be done about all of this muck that was being washed down, because I'm sure the sand was not a natural part of the environment, but quite possibly came from efforts to build various places over time, even being placed on driveways et cetera.


Wherever it came from, surely there has to be a better way to contain/divert this clogging muck – – time to get the planners and engineers brains into gear; oops, what have I said?


And finally for anyone who has shoes, whether they be formal type shoes or casual or even running shoes, there is a guy who will fix just about anything, and he operates out of a shop just south of where Montes restaurant was, and the shop is called "Mr Repair". I took a pair of my K-Swisse tennis shoes along, as they occasionally get used, because the front soles had started to come adrift, and he fixed them for 150 baht and they look sturdy enough, however the next time out will be the test!


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1 hour ago, xylophone said:

As the song goes, "take paradise and put up a parking lot".


But then was it really paradise


Yes, it was PARADISE xylophone, and not about girlie bars and we didn't even have time to spend many hours behind a computer screen, typing about the experiences we had in paradise...simply because there were NO computers, no internet, no mobiles, just friendly and kind people, both local and Farang tourists  :wai:


We experienced and explored all the small paths and backroads on our motorbikes all over Phuket to small and larges beaches where NOBODY was, saw the pineapple plantations and no tourists around whatsoever and for instance Kamala beach was a deserted place with 2 or 3 locals, washing for pewter, driving through small villages where children ran towards us full of joy and greeted us with enthusiasm...yes, it was paradise.

Pity you never experienced Phuket paradise but concentrate yourself to the circus, changing and building daily, more greed more money; what a disaster.


I wonder why you spend so many hours behind your screen just writing about your present experiences in Phuket? :shock1:

You just criticise and generalising Chinese and other nationalities and I wonder what do they do to you to disturb you?

Do you have exclusivity to Patong beach and Phuket?  

Is their behaviour "not done" and is Farang behaviour the only way or have you forgotten that more than 60% of Thai inbound tourism is Asian and Farang nationalities are in a far minority ?


Life is short xylophone...very short; just go out and enjoy yourself and block yourself from that computer, it's too addictive and will poison your life, your mind; I know....been there done that and minimise myself to the computer nowadays.


Out now :wai:



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20 minutes ago, xylophone said:

I'm sure you mean well by your post LaoPo, so I will take it as constructive, however there are some things which seem to pass by your understanding.


I am also sure there are many other expats here who are my age, who can say exactly the same about their places of birth or places they have visited, and how they used to explore this and explore that, and saw the beauty of the native and untouched forests, beaches and so on, as you have about Phuket, so what you describe is nothing new to many of us older folks.


As I have travelled widely and worked in many different countries, including some very wild and yet "beautiful" places in Africa, I really don't need anything else to open my eyes to what places have been, and what they have become, because it's all too clear to see, which is what I basically write about. And agree with you about Patong/Phuket......a disaster.


As for my sitting behind a keyboard, well I may pose the same question to a writer – – why do you spend so much time writing, or to a footballer, why do you spend so much time kicking a ball about? You see it is what I like to do, as do the others I have mentioned, so no big deal really because I like it and I like observing people, things, change.


I think you'll find my main criticism is for the Chinese, and then again I only write what I see and whereas you may think it's okay for them to snot their noses out in the likes of shopping centres and also cut their toenails and feet on the tables of restaurants, but I don't. In fact I think it's disgusting behaviour and I have said so.


I certainly don't have exclusivity to Patong beach or Phuket nor have I ever suggested I have, and all I do is to write things as I see them, and a few folks on here seem to like my observations!


I'm not particularly over enamoured with the nightlife, although I do find its vibrancy somewhat stimulating, however I will only go out between once and twice a week and then mostly to eat and catch up with friends.


As for getting out more, well as I said, I've worked in Africa at the end of a war and been somewhat involved with it, the same in another country in Africa after a revolution; been lined up against a wall by soldiers carrying rifles and also had a very large loaded pistol put to my head by an angry soldier; worked offshore Norway where the temperature dropped to about -20 C and ice froze on the side of the oil rig, tilting it seawards which was quite alarming, and visited all of the countries I have ever wanted to see...........anyway I could probably write a book about my exploits, not all of them dangerous, many of them exciting and many pleasurable.


Now of course I spend my time on the Internet talking to folks I know, writing about wine, and discussing things in general, as you have seen with my posts on here. I also enjoy socialising, experimenting with cooking new dishes, helping friends with their electrical problems, exploring the island and other Asian countries, and so on. I also take care of and support a Thai family, which gives me great satisfaction.


Quote: Life is short xylophone...very short; just go out and enjoy yourself.


 I have been doing just that for almost 70 years, but thank you for the tip LaoPo.


:laugh: I'm older than you...

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6 minutes ago, KarenBravo said:


Patronizing post of the year..............


Who's patronising ?; read better perhaps?

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17 minutes ago, KarenBravo said:


In fact, it's pretty blatant.

Agree with you on that..........and then as if to qualify/support it, states, "I'm older than you"!!

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2 hours ago, Here It Is said:

13,219 posts?


Yes, since 2004, and I'm man enough to admit to tell I was addicted to TV, but not anymore.

If you've been trough hell like me, health wise, you can live without TV, believe me.


The number of 13.219 posts were actually many more but many posts were deleted (not just with me but quite a number of members) at some stage, many years ago, for kind of "unknown/known" reasons and decisions by the board which had to be respected, of course :wai:



Edited by LaoPo
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