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China to ban VPNs in 2018

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China to ban VPNs in 2018





Bloomberg is reporting that the Chinese government has ordered telecoms companies to ban all VPNs in the country from next year.


They have information from inside sources, who have declined to be named, saying that the three main state-run companies will block all VPNs by the beginning of February 2018.


VPNs are commonly used in China as a way of viewing the internet as they bypass government censorship which restricts access to many sites including Facebook.


The news follows on from the closure by the authorities of GreenVPN, one of China’s most popular VPN providers.


Of course, this information should be treated as speculation at this stage and whether it actually goes ahead could be anyone’s guess. Something else that seems unclear is whether the government is targeting businesses or individuals with the move.


Full story: http://tech.thaivisa.com/china-ban-vpns-2018/22901/

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