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Death of Australian man parasailing in Phuket - two Thai men charged with negligence


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How can these people operating their business on public beaches without even the correct paperwork insurance documents etc? Looking at their mugshots somehow they resemble  me of the  tuk tuk driver in Patong.

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hmmmm..... punishment for negligence in the land of smiles will probably be = 2 handsmacks, a stern telling off and 500 baht fine to deter them from being negligent again(sigh .........TIT)

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58 minutes ago, Minnehaha said:

I could not believe that either. I watched it again in disbelief. The 'guide' is behind the client holding on to a couple sticks and pushing for liftoff and once up then maneuvers closer to the client. I assume he "hooks up" at that point. Maybe he does not? Maybe the cowboys hang on for the ride? either way, it is seems wrong.

It appears to be normal practise? 


But this harness looks a lot better.



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44 minutes ago, atyclb said:

No tandem harness and rigging, pilot and passenger. Was the chute designed for tandem?



"safety first" .   LMAO

I was a parascending instructor when I lived in England and I have seen these chutes in Kata many times. They are cheap crap as is the harness.  They will carry 2 people, no problem, but do not have a tandem harness. The Thai guy just hangs by the ropes.  When I flew passengers we had a proper extended harness with rings mounted in the harness for the passengers harness  to attach too. Never had any problems.  The Thai operators  are dangerous and illegal. They were banned from the beaches many times but always come back. Lots ob envelopes and they carry on killing people.  Remember the Aussie guy who was recently charged with manslaughter (I think ) when he crashed a jet ski and his G/F got killed ?   Hope the Thai cockhead gets done for manslaughter. The guys wife did a video which can be seen in the Daily Express showing the crappy canvas harness he was wearing. Looked like something from a WW2 plane.

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31 minutes ago, Spellforce said:

There is a 2nd mistake: why the thai man behind the australian was not attached ?

We can see on the video that he's trying to save the passenger ... with one hand ?

They've been piggy backing unatached for years

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Sadly, this is just another unnecessary death due to lack of care and attention to details

that plagues sport and recreational activities in this country, 

unless some serious and dramatic changes will be made, such situations will

continue to happen...

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"Both men have been charged with negligence."


Negligence of what!  Now, if the charge had been, "Causing death through negligence", that would be nearer the mark.  I suspect a fine and slap on the wrist will be all they get.

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1 hour ago, craigt3365 said:

How about arresting the Thai officials who allowed these guys to operate?  Seems like a failure due to the Thai authorities negligence???

That type of logic and reasoning inevitably leads all the way up to the top. How far dare u go?

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1 hour ago, sensei said:

I've done that before and scares me to watch that video.

It is unconventional but a "navigator" flies with the client. He stirs the chute by tugging on the ropes because there is no way the client can stir himself back to shore against the wind and with the boat out at sea.

The "navigator" just holds on and sometimes would wrap his legs around the flyers' chest area just to get leverage. 

What i see here is that there is no way the man could have unhooked or unfastened the harness himself. His sheer weight would not allow that. It could have been a rip in the worn out harness.

This is a disaster and traumatic to his companions.

RIP old man.

 "that there is no way the man could have unhooked or unfastened the harness himself. His sheer weight would not allow that"

Absolutely! Well said! 

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41 minutes ago, Toshiba66 said:

I wish I hadn't watched that last video.


I'll need a belly full of G&T's tonight so I can sleep.

The video on this 2nd page? I actually loved that one - unlike the horrifying accident one on page 1.


However, no parasailing and no zip lines for me, thank you. No need to tempt fate beyond what we all do everyday.

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1 hour ago, BangkokReady said:

"Daily News reported that the equipment was faulty and that the necessary certification to operate such a business was not in order."


What a shocker.


People need to realise; if it has anything to do with safety equipment or training, don't do it in Thailand.

 Like the  THAI...sorry Dive Masters leaving their charges in the water because they can't find them, to the Zip Line Jungle Rides in Chieng Ride, and now the Parasailing adventure experience..... and to the GOVT officials suing newspapers using adjectives to describe a certain island that occassions negative outcomes.


LESSON:  Never, trust your life to someone else, when all there is a  fine and a simple wai and they are back in the saddle again.. to repeat   


Let's  The THAI  GOVT and Media spin this...

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